About Zizi

The love of making food has always been the driving factor for Zizi’s Passion. She uses the comfort of a home-style cooking approach to cook her dishes, as she says nothing tastes better than a warm-hearted cooked meal. Zizi’s Passion catering business is based in Gugulethu, Cape Town. She is a self-taught cook that doesn’t limit exploring new creative dishes to make an immerse range of plates through her distribution of a variety of different foods and cuisines. The business does not specialize in any specific type of food, making it very dynamic in its approach. 


Zizi’s Passion catering business believes that people connect through food, whether it is over just a meal/lunch at a business meeting, parties, conferences, with family, parents or friends. Good food makes great relationships and satisfied customers. 


Her aim is to ensure that all meals are created using high-quality ingredients and the freshest produce while being considerate of her customer's well-being.